CharlesDirk the 3rd

The Palooga whale and the angry meat farm  ... the crusader ... peaceful morning Rhythm


Long lyrical and rhythm improv   ... 435 improv   ... playing to souful blues  ... sleep deprivation rhythm


1915 killer song   ...  1107 electric improv  .... self made man  ... preparing for the long journey


inspired by jimmy bruno   ...  grandmaster sadomater and the joy of this earth .. what's the balance IMP SONG


the greedy oyster   ... did you know that i love you ... 1945 guitar rhythm and lyric improv


2822 way long lyrical and rhythm improv   .. song about the walnaserous and the walrasouras


song about our world and goat lucy **  ..self made man ... 834 afternoon tarot improv..was the fool


1255 rhythm improv and voc  ... 1417 morning improv warm up ... 842 what power did you give away