CharlesDirk the 3rd

Freakshow>>here   Bloodstained   Scream Baby Scream>> here   Swamp Thing>> here

Coffin Joe:at midnight I'll take your soul      Nightmare Concert AKA cat in the brain : preview    tHE bABY:here


Evil Dead : preview 10 horror movies of the 1960's   ... Suspiria Soundtrack  ...  torso theme


terror in the aisles soundtrack   ... Terrortron:soundtrack   ...   Charles dirk:Needle Man  ... fright night theme


Dawn of the Dead (1979) here             Phantasm 5        talk to the Ouja     Body     the goul .. here     ... cannibal santa   ..King Diamond:fatal

The Incredible Torture Show aka Blood Sucking Freaks : here       Trilogy of Terror>>here


Legacy of Blood:here        the toxic avenger      kill syndrome       cannibal     maniac (2001)


 Axe to Grind:here     .. All the colors of the dark:here   the terror 1963 here  horror





sadu and ralfus...incredible torture show song... here


her body was rockin aka hot rockin body 


sounding like ned flanders                      ...every vincent price death


the palooga whale and the angry meat farm             ...forbidden world aka ..soundtrack


Azatoth : here         ....8 numbers that are too creepy to


Yogzothoth: here     ...8 scariest apps too creepy to


Black Christmas :soundtrack    ...creepy conversation with


 Sleepwalker: sleep baby sleep : here


Halloween soundtrack: here 

The Horror Song...Needle Man


killer on the loose song 


scam adviser here


tragic hero's 


the first human clone: here   ..Albert Fish.. here  ..ed gein: here   ..the killer lobster boy.. here


cloning is real: here   ....the duck song: here      Fangoria's weekend of Horrors:here


10 evil people with suprising hobbies: here       Andrei Chikatilo: here    the new york ripper


10 Demons you can summon: here              top 10 serial killers who were never caught  


Who is the most intelligent serial  10 old movies too disturbing for


Robert   Pedro Lopez    the gorilla killer (earl nelson)... here  Peter


 Katherine Knight.. here 


Richard Ramirez   Ted Bundy    The Green River     The Iceman (Richard Kuklinski)


Tombs of the Blind Dead soundtrack    tool box murders end theme   Dawn of the dead<<the original soundtrack


 Day of the Dead soundtrack    escape from new york soundtrack    they live soundtrack   killer on the train: here


the lab meat song    25 most evil leaders in History    25 most evil women in History   Zodiac Signs>your most secret fears>>here


 Butter Dick    Guardian angels    10 signs you're a psychopath   






HELL - The Age of Nefarious - Bloodstock 2017


1236..o domeo sadramada...sadromiter

serial killer song          deep white




Creepshow soundtrack

 Hellraiser Soundtrack

 The House By the Cemetary soundtrack


The Mephisto Waltz (1971) Soundtrack 

The Boogeyman soundtrack

Creepshow 2 soundtrack        the fog soundtrack    the thing soundtrack    zombie soundtrack the original by lucio fulci

Short horror

Feeding Time | Short Horror Film


The Mask Maker | Scary Short Horror Film | Crypt TV


The Scarecrow | Short Horror Film | Crypt TV


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