CharlesDirk the 3rd

Milk the Palooga

Is Danny reallty going to be a big horror movie star?
Danny will be contacting u!!
u can smell Dannys finger.
how wide can Danny stretch ure tooch?
how wide can Danny stretch out ure tooch?
U really want Danny to milk ure palooga?
Danny really knows Miceal Myers
did u milk ure palooga today?
will u show me ure tooch?
for 5 dolla?
my walrus milked his palooga all over ure tooch!!
Did the walrus man smell bad?
i was too nasty for the site
i dont want bann
i want u to smell my feet
i get aroused by old ladys
i am a hopeless idiot
i am an ordinary guy
i want u to stretch my tooch!!
ure mom is a nasty whore!
palooga milk 5000