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How Often do u Stimulate Yourself??

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To add more Sound

I try to find what makes the guitar sound better...different shapes,picking,scales,chords,triads,arpeggios,finger tapping...etc...

Relaxing...overpractice..underpractice..recording..playing to metrodone...playing to myself...playing to other instruments..guitar lessons at gipson guitar  (((((((((((((online metrodomes  ((((((online guitar lessons


Who yeah.wav   

pch games   )))))))((((((  comics websitecomics...look look0000a place to chat about religion)))))aplace to talk like pirates*((((((((talk like a pirate)))


Charles Dirk and the Macabre 


Who r these??.llllllright here ....right here(((((

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cool artwork(((((way coolawesome artlooky looky

Where I could work...

Where could I work??Somewhere with custom responsibility...Some place that gives me good vibes and a decent self esteem...the place can challenge me..however I would like to do better at the job the longer I work there..Could I make my own beeds like hippies do?..could I work at Starbucks??Could I get up the same time??((that I don't know))If I worked at Starbucks there probably wouldn't be a great future in it..( The income could be better than my income now..) I wouldn't want to get mean...(I will allways stay nice to my wife and family) (I will not give in to temptation)

Honey Baby

have a taste big toock smelly tooch beautiful tooch perfumed tooch and more...

I Don't Want........'''''

Discusting Nasty Sexual Predators

a newish band chutulu

Charles Dirk:song about serial killer on the loose<<<

I Need To Research this Food Stamps!!

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